Split Systems

Circuit Electrical services offers expert support and advice in selecting the correct Unit for your home or business, and offer a wide range of units that suite your needs.
we support Mitsubishi electric and Carrier systems, and offer professional installation for all other branded units. 

Install costs vary depending on size of unit, single or double story home and length of run, please contact us or fill in the online quote with the details to obtain an accurate price on your system specific to your needs. 

circuit electrical provide full installation including electrical and plumbing of the System. 

Mitsubishi Electric -      

Mitsubishi systems are reliable and efficient and one of the worlds leading brand in heating and cooling, and offer a 5 year warranty. Units vary in price depending on size and this is determined by the size of the area it is required to heat/cool.

Carrier systems -                 

Carrier units are reliable and efficient at in home heating and cooling however they are a more cost effective approach as they enter the market at a lower price than most other Brands on the market. They are affordable however great quality and offer a smart modern look with digital display and modern finish, also comes with a 5 year warranty.